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  3. Past life analysis shows your Karmic connections between your past and current births.

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If so, this Past Life Tarot reading spread can help you gain insight into the person you were, and help you understand how the past is still affecting you today! The concept of past lives can be overwhelming, or even scary. But we can glimpse our past lives without delving into mysticism by using the power of the Tarot cards.

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From these previous lives, we can carry traumatic or positive experiences into our present life. So our goal is to use the Tarot cards to illuminate these experiences to help us become healthier and happier people! This first card in the Past Life Tarot spread represents pending issues from a past life. This may not necessarily be a conflict, but can often just signify a challenge or unbalanced energy that you have carried with you and not yet resolved.

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You'll get a sense of the power you have behind you provided by the ages, the winds of time beneath your wings lofting you into the future. The collective energy of lifetimes is working for you now, once you get to know it. Here is the personal tale of where you've been -- now just put your hands on the wheel and steer. Is that sense of deja vu you often experience just some weird, uncomfortable sensation without foundation?

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Or is it a subconscious reminder of a person, place or event that you have experienced before - in another lifetime. Some cultures readily acknowledge the wheel upon which the soul turns as it develops through many lifetimes towards spiritual perfection.

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  8. Here is a chance to explore your own past. See and begin to understand those things that perhaps challenge you in this present life. We each have lessons to learn. The traditional chart points to this as well. The past lives chart clarifies those lessons. It puts them up for a new examination, not to fear but to acknowledge and integrate into a resulting happier present.

    Past life analysis shows your Karmic connections between your past and current births.

    Such understanding may bring a sense of peace and harmony that you have not known before. Our past lives are alive and well in our consciousness. This may already be apparent to you. If you know about your past life experiences, you will also become conscious of your abilities in this life in such way that you will feel inspired to make the most out of the scopes you get and the capabilities you have. With the advancement of studies in the field of reincarnation or rebirth , the doubt about previous life has been erased.

    The past life analyzer offers a better and deeper insight in to your past life incidents or your past life experiences. A relative as well as comparative analysis of your present life characteristic features and past life experiences can make you understand the influence of the past life on your present life.

    How to know about past life? Try this instant free past life astrology reading. All you need to do is to enter the required details, and our past life analyzer will get your free past life reading instantly. Get the best Free Past life Analysis Report in minutes! Try it out now!