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In the media, David is at the forefront of the astrology field being featured on television, magazines and all over the web. Making astrology hip with the times is another aspect that separates David from the pack. David has combined new age dance music and other futuristic creative outlets to combine with his astrology to make his message that much more unique. Comedy is another staple of his readings and horoscopes as he uses his Leo charm and laughter to make the message known.

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David always puts God first in the horoscope and uses astrology to connect people to God in the highest way. There is nobody in the universe with more passion and heart for the subject manner, more than The Leo King! What you want from a friend is a punchbag to pummel with general put-downs. Dream jobs : Forensic accountant — nothing like endless, boring nitpicking. Libra Kim is sure to love her 'dream job' as prescribed by the new book - a fashion expert. Your unique selling point is your inability to make a decision.

Hey Leo! Here Are 5 Books You Need to Read

Oh, how you can faff. Favourite Deadly Sins : Vanity, greed and sloth — Librans would find it impossible to choose just the one. Friendships : Out of sight is out of mind — you dump people regularly. Spin doctor — turning anything damaging into gold. You despise the weak, along with all the whingers and non-copers, and when you are world dictator, they will be ruthlessly put down.

Your favourite sport is competitive mind games — you play long after others have gone home. Favourite Deadly Sin : Lust.

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Lust for power, lust for money, lust for status, lust for revenge. Most people are scared of you, so they do what you say. Dream jobs : Secret agent — you can do anything to anyone.

ASTROLOGY | The Leo King

City analyst — second guess anyone and get filthy rich. Sagittarius' are described as 'brash, loud, crass and impetuous' but would Miley Cyrus agree?

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Russian roulette? Pass the Kalashnikov. You smash your way through barriers, even those set up for your safety. Your best friend loses a leg in an accident probably caused by you and you ask if you can have their trainers. Romance : No one could accuse you of lacking enthusiasm, but not everyone can swing from a trapeze by their ankles in that nonchalant way you have.

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You fail to grasp that passion counts more than perspiration. Friendships : Careless and indiscriminate you prefer to call it open and spontaneous , you will relate to anyone, but not for too long because they might tie you down. Dream jobs : Stunt supremo — danger is your middle name. Mercenary — killing strangers is such a buzz, yah. He's famously outspoken - so could Capricorn Zayn Malik have a 'dream career' lined up as a politician?

Any resistance is exhausted by your endless spirit-dulling routine and petty regulations. Favourite Deadly Sin : Avarice.

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  8. A cold accumulation and insatiable hunger that sucks you dry from the inside. Dream jobs : Loss adjuster — so insurance companies can pay as little and late as possible. Politician — natural for a self-important status junkie. You are a chilly-hearted, disengaged observer of the human condition, who has never knowingly reacted spontaneously to any experience. Perverse is how you like it.

    The Saturn in Leo Personality

    Favourite Deadly Sin : Perhaps sloth, because you can be a tad languid, or maybe pride — but then you are superior to everyone else. Dream jobs : Mad scientist — finally the chance to make a doomsday weapon. Croupier — dice are far more predictable than people. Pisces Rihanna may suffer from the deadly sin of envy, according to Stella Hyde. Favourite Deadly Sin : Envy.

    rentnessvanmahy.cf Romance : You love someone to take charge, but lovers shrink before the beady-eyed stare of the 2, cuddly toys in your boudoir. Friendships : Quantity is the only thing that will absorb all your neediness, so you swim around with a huge school of acquaintances. Dream jobs : World dictator, the only way to make your fantasies a reality.

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    The dark side of your star sign: arrogant, bullying Leo. Envious Pisces. Fickle, lazy Libra. A wickedly provocative astrology book reveals the bad habits Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: A new provocative astrology book reveals the bad habits of your star sign e-mail 4. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Ad Feature Gemma Collins says her 'breasts get heavy at the full moon' and insists she has 'supernatural abilities' which rival Stranger Things character Eleven Amanda Holden insists she's 'not a princess' during spat with tile company who accused her of using her 'celebrity status to get special treatment' 'Shut up!

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